Andy Hackbarth

Singer/Songwriter. Guitarist. Producer. Adventurer.

Singer/Songwriter. Guitarist. Producer. Adventurer. 



Just a kid from Colorado who grew up on a llama ranch; started playing classical guitar when I was a wee lad. Dabbled in bands and songwriting in college before packing up and moving to Nashville to do the music thing 'fo real'. Been touring full-time since 2009 - the last few years mostly with my band. I spend most of my time traveling, cliff-jumping, hiking, etc., but always seeing the world with a guitar or piano close by.

My mom seems to think I go looking for trouble, but most often I think it just finds me...

Thanks for visiting the site and hope to see/hear from you soon!  

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Andy Hackbarth Mends A Broken Heart, Uncovers New Ground On Panorama Motel

Denver, CO– Americana songwriter Andy Hackbarth releases his newest offering, Panorama Motel. Written and recorded in the wake of a messy breakup, the record finds Hackbarth singing over acoustic guitars, dobro, upright bass and organ- turning his recent brush with heartbreak into some of the most moving songs of his career.

Raised in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado, Hackbarth grew up surrounded by folk songs and classical music. He combines both of those early influences to create his own unique sound, which draws on his years of study of classical guitar at the Aspen Music School, as well as his willingness to explore, experiment with and electrify traditional folk music. The resulting body of work has taken him across the country-where he’s made a name for himself as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and bandleader.

Panorama Motel is a raw record, with Hackbarth and company often nailing their performances in single takes. The music ebbs and flows, bouncing from the smooth swagger of the kickoff track, “Mountains” — a campfire sing-a-long that shows off his melodic sensibilities — to the albums closer, “Oceans,” a stripped-down vocal chant that’s haunting and hypnotic. In between, Hackbarth fills Panorama Motel with songs about broken hearts, temptations, and even hot-button topics like the environment, tying everything together with a voice that’s calm, confident and crooner-worthy.

No song sums it up better than the title track, which takes a headfirst dive into the frustration that follows a breakup.

“It’s reflective of my music career as a whole,” Hackbarth explains, “from the classical/Spanish guitar background to the darker, more indie/acoustic rock writing style that I’ve been gravitating toward lately. It’s beautiful, but dark and emotional. I’ve always loved the sound of the nylon-string guitar, and paired with layered violins, guitar swells and some haunting background vocals, its aim is to capture the despair and loneliness we all feel after a breakup.”

A unique album about a very universal experience, Panorama Motel is Andy Hackbarth at his best: melodic, raw and real, with one foot planted in the sounds of his influence and the other pointing in a new direction.


Band Members:

Andy Hackbarth – Guitars, Vocals, Keys

Jean-Luc Davis – Bass, Vocals

Mike Hyland – Lead Guitar,Vocals

Luke Lindholm – Violin, Vocals

Enion Pelta – 5-String Violin, Vocals

Kevin Matthews – Drums, Vocals