Andy Hackbarth

Singer/Songwriter. Guitarist. Producer. Adventurer.

Singer/Songwriter. Guitarist. Producer. Adventurer. 

Critical Blast Features 'Panorama Motel'

Americana songwriter Andy Hackbarth wrote and recorded Panorama Motel in the wake of a messy breakup. The record finds Hackbarth singing over acoustic guitars, dobro, upright bass and organ -- turning his recent brush with heartbreak into some of the most moving songs of his career.

No song sums it up better than the title track, which takes a headfirst dive into the frustration that follows a breakup.

“It’s reflective of my music career as a whole,” Hackbarth explains, “from the classical/Spanish guitar background to the darker, more indie/acoustic rock writing style that I’ve been gravitating toward lately. It’s beautiful, but dark and emotional. I’ve always loved the sound of the nylon-string guitar, and paired with layered violins, guitar swells and some haunting background vocals its aim is to capture the despair and loneliness we all feel after a breakup.