Andy Hackbarth

Singer/Songwriter. Guitarist. Producer. Adventurer.

Singer/Songwriter. Guitarist. Producer. Adventurer. 

Elmore Magazine On Panorama Motel - "...A powerful album...sincere and catchy...crooner-worthy."

Tomorrow sees the release of Andy Hackbarth’s Panorama Motel. It was written and recorded following the aftermath of a breakup. As a result, Hackbarth was able to create some of his most moving songs to date. His upbringing in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado also inspires his music. Influences of folk songs and classical music can be heard blended with Hackbarth’s own signature sound, drawing on his years of studying classical guitar at the Aspen Music School.

Hackbarth says that Panorama Motel is reflective of his music career as a whole. “From the classical/Spanish guitar background to the darker, more indie/acoustic rock writing style that I’ve been gravitating toward lately. It’s beautiful, but dark and emotional. I’ve always loved the sound of the nylon-string guitar, and paired with layered violins, guitar swells and some haunting background vocals its aim is to capture the despair and loneliness we all feel after a breakup.”

Listen to “Steal You Away” below. Like the rest of the songs on this release, “Steal You Away” is catchy and sincere. It’s a stand-out on a powerful album that is filled with songs about broken hearts, temptations, and a voice that’s calm, strong and crooner-worthy.